Designing A Practical Remote-Control Vessel Using LA Antenna Radio Frequency

  • Edi Kurniawan Politeknik Pelayaran Surabaya
  • Diana Alia Politeknik Pelayaran Surabaya
  • Henna Nurdiansari Politeknik Pelayaran Surabaya
  • Yohan Wibisono Politeknik Pelayaran Malahayati
Keywords: radio frequency, arduino, effective, antenna LA


One of the developments in the technology field is remote control using both wires (wired) and without wires (wireless). Wireless power can be done using signals such as infrared, bluetooth, radio frequency, and Wi-Fi. Remote control using radio frequency signals is very interesting because it can reach far distances without spending money. The purpose of this study is to develop a design and analyze the effectiveness of remote control of ships using radio LA antenna frequencies.  Wireless radio frequency signals combined with Arduino can control the propeller and rudder so that the boat can be controlled remotely. This research uses a prototype method in the form of a control ship. The result of the study is that wireless remote control of the vessel can be done in open and closed spaces so that in the future it can be realized for absolute equipment control. The control on this prototype uses an LA antenna and no LA antenna. The result of the study is that the use of LA antennas is more effective than without LA antennas, in which the control distance in an enclosed space (with obstructions) without an LA antenna is as far as 100m and 500m when using an LA antenna. While the control distance in open spaces (without obstructions) without LA antennas, ships can be controlled up to distances of 1000m and 1300m when using LA antennas.


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