Bibliometric Analysis of Research Development on Green Port Implementation in 2015-2023

  • Andi Aulia Arikha Setyo Politeknik Pelayaran Malahayati
  • Dedy Kurniadi Politeknik Pelayaran Malahayati
  • Hozairi Hozairi Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November
Keywords: bibliometric, green port, publish or perish, vosviewer


The port is one of the crucial factors in maritime logistics. Green port innovation aims to increase the efficiency of existing resources, reduce the negative impact of the surrounding environment, increase environmental management, and improve the quality of the natural environment around the port. The number of scientific publications regarding green ports proves that this topic has become a global scientific publication trend. Unfortunately, the focus or pressure points of the various publications are so varied that it is difficult to know the consistency and cohesion between discussions and Indonesia as the author's country has not done much research on the application of green ports. Therefore, this study aims to look at trends in global scientific publications regarding the application of green ports in the hope that the interrelationships between concepts and topic shifts from time to time can be identified. The method used is bibliometric analysis. The population of this study was 200 articles searched for data using the Publish or Perish (PoP) application from 2015-2023; 131 articles were obtained as samples that matched the keywords obtained. Researchers used VOSviewer software version 1.6.16 to perform co-occurrence analysis with overlay and network visualization. The results of the VOSviewer software vulnerability analysis have four themes related to the implementation of green ports, namely "regulation," "Shore power," "logistics," and "green port policy," which are still rarely researched and are the latest themes in research. This theme can be used as a reference for further study.


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