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Site Journal PIP SemarangSemarang Merchant Marine Polytechnic Journal contains various journals and scientific works on the Nautical Studies, Marine Engineering, and Port Shipping Studies.


  • Dinamika Bahari

    Dinamika Bahari is a periodical journal in the field of nautical studies, marine engineering, and portshipping studies which is owned by the Semarang Merchant Marine Polytechnic, which is published twice a year, in May and October. This journal contains research results, ideas from lecturers, instructors, cadets,  researchers, and academics in the field of the sea transportation


    Link E-ISSN: http://u.lipi.go.id/1583374230

  • Proceedings

    This proceeding contains scientific papers as clever as results, scientific conferences and others conducted at the Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran (PIP) Semarang campus.

  • Community Service

    This Journal of Community Service contains scientific writings in community service conducted at the Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran (PIP) Semarang campus.